Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Quick Trip to Philly

Growing up right outside of New York City, I rarely felt it necessary to visit other cities. When I went to College of Charleston, I met lots of people who lived in cities that I had never been to before- Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, and Philly, among others. Philly is only about an hour and a half from me, yet I had never really been there before (minus a brief trip to the Philadelphia Zoo in pre-school where I contracted the chicken pox...but thats another story). So when I started dating someone from Philly, I decided it was time to bid farewell to my exclusive relationship with NYC and meet a new city.


"You've never had a cheesesteak??" my boyfriend exclaimed, as if it was a rite of passage and not solely a Philly delicacy. Thus the executive decision was made that I would have to have a cheesesteak in my short time there. The opportunity arose that night on our way back from the Jimmy Buffett concert in Camden (go ahead, laugh). After consuming more than a few Landsharks, we were pretty hungry for something greasy and carb-filled. When we pulled up next to Pat's Steaks (one of the famed Philly Cheesesteak establishments) we all looked at each other and agreed it was happening. I was warned that I "wouldn't be able to finish the whole thing", that challenge was accepted and completed. Next order of business is seeing how Gino's matches up...

Provolone Cheesesteak

The Philadelphia Museum of Art was high on my list of things to see. While I would have loved to go inside and actually view the art, we were on a time constraint because of the concert. We did walk around the museum grounds where we took a cheesy picture with the Rocky Balboa Statue, and watched tourists run up the "Rocky steps", which are actually the steps to the museum.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Rocky Balboa Statue
This was a quick trip since my primary reason was to attend the concert with my boyfriend's family, so I still have lots of Philly essentials to knock off my list the next time I'm in town. I definitely want to go to the Barnes Foundation, a private collection of Post-Impressionism paintings that recently moved from the Philly suburbs to the city. I recently saw The Art of The Steal, a fabulous documentary that tells the complete story of the collection's journey and has made me want to witness it firsthand even more.

Until next time, Philly!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cypress Gardens, SC

If ever there was a place to make you feel like you were living in a real life fairy-tale, Cypress Gardens would be it. As you browse through my pictures you may realize, wait I've seen this place before! and unless you've been living under a rock and have never seen The Notebook, then you most certainly have. The scene you are thinking of is when Allie (Rachel McAdams) visits Noah (Ryan Gosling, sigh)  after they have been apart for several years (clip below). This is arguably the greatest scene of the whole film and produces some of the best one-liners (i.e."It's not over and it's still not over!"). So you can only imagine how excited I was to relive this scene firsthand.

Surprisingly, Cypress Gardens has more to offer than just a serene swamp and weeping Spanish moss. The grounds include a butterfly garden, reptile room, alligator swamp, and bird watching area, among other attractions. I especially loved the butterfly room, which made me nostalgic for "Butterfly World", a childhood favorite of mine in Florida.

While I would have loved to taken a solo canoe ride, I decided on a guided tour to make sure I got the full Cypress experience. Our tour guide was wonderful, he made sure to include lots of facts about the history of the grounds, with a lot of emphasis on The Notebook and The Patriot, which was also filmed at the garden. Little known fact about the filming of The Notebook: it was actually winter when they filmed that scene so they had to bring in the geese to give the effect of warm weather. Not to mention both actors were freezing (so said our guide).

Cypress Gardens is a unique Charleston attraction, mostly because it is very off the beaten path. Like 45 minutes off the beaten path in Monks Corner. I have lived in Charleston for nearly five years and I just got around to visiting the grounds this year. Nonetheless, Cypress is so enchanting and dreamy, its unlike anything else that exists in the Lowcountry area. Next time you are looking for a mini weekend adventure, I would definitely recommend making the trip out here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Happenings: May/June

Even though it felt like my last semester of college would never end, I'm finding myself becoming nostalgic for it again. Maybe its because of all the uncertainty that follows graduation (When will I have a job? Where should I live? Which friends will I keep in touch with?, etc) but there was just so much comfort in college.

I must humbly accept that part of my life is over, and I'm working towards becoming excited about the next chapter. Luckily, most of my friends have decided to stay in Charleston this summer for one last hurrah. I think its the perfect way to end our college career; we're just not quite ready to say goodbye yet.

Here are some summer happenings thus far:

Nothing makes you feel older than your little sister graduating from high school, so glad she'll be joining me in the South next year! 

I moved out of my house of two years last month and it was very bittersweet. I have so many great memories in that house but its also time for a change of scenery.

I moved in with some friends for the summer and have been thoroughly enjoying having my own porch. {above} Enjoying breakfast on a rainy day with some Orange Rooibos Chai Tea and my favorite Renoir mug from the Chicago Art Institute.

I've been getting in the habit of going to Sullivan's Island by myself after work. There's something so relaxing about reading a book on the beach without any distractions.

Curry Vegetable Omelet

Brunching! (obviously). We went to this adorable new spot near Hampton Park called The Park Cafe. I had the Curried Vegetable Omelet and a cappuccino. Highly recommend getting the Aebleskiver (sweet danish popovers with homemade jam) to start!

We've been taking advantage of the warm summer nights by having little impromptu wine nights outside. We called this one "sunset picnic".

Cheers to a great summer! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The End of An Era

It was nearly six years ago that I stepped into the Cistern for the first time. Little did I know this place would one day become my home. Little did I know that I would meet so many people that would affect my life in so many different ways. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the culture, history, and beauty of this city.

The Cistern
Here I am six years later, a completely different person than that anxious high schooler standing in the cistern wondering where she'd be in two years. But honestly, there are moments I wish I could turn back time. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the carefree days of Freshmen and Sophomore year. And not because I wish I could change anything, but because I wish I could relive it with so much more appreciation and gratitude.

My First Charleston Home {Sophomore Year}
 My Second Charleston Home {Junior-Senior Year}
There are so many things I have learned in college outside of the classroom. There are the more simple things like how to do laundry, how to write a check, and how to pump gas (Jersey problems). But then there are the things that are not as obvious and clear-cut, like how to form life-long friendships, how to balance relationships, and how to rationally problem solve.

My {Charleston} Happy Place
For all of these things his I can thank college, and more importantly, the valuable friendships I've formed over the last four years. I'm incredibly lucky in the fact that I've pretty much had the same group of friends since I started college in the Fall of 2010. Of course we've had our share of trials and tribulations, but it has only strengthened our relationships.

March 2011 {Freshmen Year}
May 2014 {Senior Year}
When I look back on the last four years I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing. This is an ode to all the amazing people I've met, memories (and mistakes) I've made, and places I've been. Heres to the end of an era, and the beginning of a new chapter.

"Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lighthouse Inlet, Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach is not my first pick when it comes to Charleston beaches. I'll always consider myself a Sullivan's Island girl. But when it's just too windy for Sully's, Folly will do the trick. What I like most about Folly Beach is that it has its share of secrets. Just past the washout is a little inlet called Lighthouse Inlet, home to pods of dolphins, driftwood trees, and of course that adorable Morris Island lighthouse.

Earlier this week I took a little trip to Lighthouse Inlet at sunset which, in my personal opinion, is the best time of day to stroll on this part of Folly. Now be forewarned, it is a bit of a hike from where you park your car to the inlet entrance, but the lush greenery and chirping wildlife are sure to distract you on your way.

There couldn't be a more perfect way to end the day than watching dolphins swim into the horizon as the sun set....and I got to spend it with this guy ;) life's always better at the beach.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bull's Island, SC

When my phone started ringing Sunday morning I was tempted to silence it, turn over, and go back to enjoying the comfort of my bed. I reluctantly answered, and my friend Lexi asked me if I wanted to go out on our friend Hamilton's boat for the day. It was only 10:15 am and I was exhausted from the night before, but I looked outside and saw how beautiful and sunny it was and couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something adventurous. I shook my roommate Ali from bed, who was not thrilled to be woken up so early on a Sunday either, and in less than 10 minutes we were on our way to Isle of Palms.

We left from the Isle of Palms Marina and arrived at Bull's Island about a half hour later. On the ride there we sipped on some of Hamilton's delicious hot chocolate (peanut butter and chocolate...yum) since it was still kind of chilly. By the time we got to the island it had warmed up significantly and was probably 75 degrees.

In order to get to the beach we had to take a 1.5 mile long path that was surrounded by water on both sides, which also meant we were surrounded by huge alligators. I don't consider myself to be afraid of many things but I was absolutely terrified of being so close to them. Luckily Hamilton was skilled in the art of chasing them away so we never had any super close encounters (well maybe one but I'll get into that later...)

We arrived at the beach about a half hour later, and it was totally worth the near death experience (ok I'm being dramatic but the alligators were really scary). The beach looked like something out of a Salvador Dali painting; it was like a cross between a desert, a beach, and a mirage. We spent hours roaming the island looking for Sand Dollars and Conch shells. When we finally crashed we found a spot near a stream, ate our lunches, and napped for about two hours.

We started our trek back around 4:30 and heres where it got interesting. As we approached the path back to the boat, there was the biggest alligator we had seen all day (probably around 10 or 11 feet) blocking the path. Hamilton assured us that once we got closer he would get scared and run off. But this thing would not budge, and he was just staring at us moving his tail back and forth. I was sure this thing was going to lunge at us. but after 10 minutes of Hamilton coaxing it back in the water, it finally cleared the path.

Our day ended with a sunset boat ride back to Isle of Palms that made us all realize how lucky we are to live in such an incredible place where a hidden gem like Bull's Island is only a stones throw away from a city.

Happy Spring Break! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Current Obsessions: February

February is probably one of my least favorite months. Nothing particularly exciting ever happens in February except Valentines Day and Leap Year. And this February has just been downright cold and gloomy. But we've been making the best of this month by keeping our bellies full and our bodies warm (we've had four snow days already!) . But before you know it, its already March. Heres to rising temperatures!

February so far:

Never really considered myself a big Bloody Mary fan until recently. This one at Bay Street Biergarten had Striped Pig Vodka, Olives, and Pickled Beets. Yum. 

Snow Day #4 called for a Bowling Night at The Alley.

In an effort to get rid of some food that was coming to the end of its shelf life I made Ginger Sweet Potato Bread and ate it for every meal. I adapted it from this recipe but substituted Ginger powder for Nutmeg.

Sunset bike rides are making a comeback now that its warming up.

Dinner for two: Baked Herb Chicken Parm, Fettucine with Vodka Sauce, Caesar Salad and Merlot.

We went to Folly Gras for the first time this past weekend. If you live in the Folly Beach/Charleston area its definitely worth experiencing at some point (you can drink in the street, enough said).

Happy Sunday!