Friday, July 26, 2013

Dining in Charleston, Part 2

When you work in the food and hospitality industry, 90% of your thoughts are food-related. Every article I flip through at work makes me salivate. Each time I have to research a restaurant my stomach growls. Even when I have to watch the creative team shoot a table setting I have to hold myself back from lunging at the table. You'd think I'd be sick of talking about, looking at, and even eating food by now. But even when I'm not at work, I'm usually doing something somewhat culinary-related.

I'm lucky enough to have friends who enjoy eating out, and good food at that. Going out to dinner isn't just about the act of eating, its the social aspect too. It's my free time to spend with whoever I want and the place of my choosing. I get to catch up with old friends, or get together with new ones. And for that hour to hour and a half I don't have to think about school, work, or any of my stresses. I can just enjoy a delicious meal and a good conversation. 

SALT at station 22 on Urbanspoon

Grilled Local Dorado

I didn't know what to expect when I went to Salt. I hadn't heard anything about it before my roommate suggested it after she met a woman whose boyfriend worked there and had nothing but great things to say about it. But when she said it was on Sullivan's Island, I was already sold. The cool part about Salt is that that the menu changes every day depending on the local import and the produce seasonally available. Being so close to the water, we already knew we wanted fish which narrowed out options down to two plates, Grilled Local Dorado with Poached Shrimp, Ratoutille and creamy Polenta or the Block Island Flounder "Fish & Chips" with Steak Frites and Summer Slaw. We both decided on the Grilled Local Dorado (similar to Mahi-Mahi) and were enthralled with our choice. Drinks were also exceptional, I would highly recommend The Salty Bear (Fresh Grapefruit juice, Finlandia Grapefruit, and thyme infused honey simple syrup) or the Serrano Margarita (house-infused serrano, pineapple tequila, contrineau, lime). Great pick if you're looking for a nice dinner by the beach.

My Thai Bowl
When Dellz Deli (one of my favorite healthy sandwich/wrap shops) announced it would be opening a full-service vegetarian/vegan restaurant I was elated. The menu includes rice bowls, wraps, pitas, salads, and even breakfast sandwiches. There is a heavy Jamaican, Thai, Asian, and Caribbean influence on the menu; so theres something for every palate. I chose the My Thai Bowl which is lime rice, vegan sausage, diced zucchini and squash, rice noodles, avocado, sprouts, and roasted tomatoes with a side of pita bread. I could not have been more satisfied, next time I'm definitely trying one of their delicious (and noteworthy) wraps! I also really enjoyed my bottle of Jamaican Ginger Ale, which had hints of of pineapple and lime juice. If you're into clean and healthy eating, Dellz Uptown is an absolute must-try.

The Green Door on Urbanspoon

Green Door Burger
For the past three years I have only been able to get my Roti Roll Food Truck fix at the Saturday Farmer's Market. Due to high demand, Roti Rolls decided to open a restaurant called "The Green Door" on East Bay Street next to dive bar, Big John's Tavern. I had already been here once before and to be honest, I wasn't completely sold on it. My first venture here I chose the Buddha Bowl (Rice Noodles, Bone Marrow Broth, Braised Beef, Kimchi, Roti, Soft Egg), which I liked but the portion was just far too large for comfort. I decided to give GD another try this past week, and second time's the charm because I was beyond satisfied with my choice. I went with the GD Burger (Braised Short Rib burger, Thai Chili Pimento Cheese, Kimchi, Hoisin Aioli, Arugula) with a side of Tater Tots (cause where else in Charleston can you find tots...?). For the condiment lovers, I recommend asking for a side of their house-made BBQ sauce and their Tot Sauce (Sriacha + Ranch).

Happy Friday! 

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